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The Messianic Judaism Controversy


www.RealJesus.netDear Brother Luis:

Lately I’ve been intrigued as to the why, and or the appropriateness of, the increasing popularity of Christians celebrating Jewish high holy days, and why some seem to identify very strongly with Judaism. I’ve been researching how it seems Jewish people really feel about Christians (not good), the messianic synagogue “controversy” and various other aspects of this subject. Because you are a messianic Jew I would be very interested in what you think about this. If you have time I would value it greatly (and promise not to quote you without permission). I can only imagine what you’ve been through!

Thanks and blessings always to you my Brother In Christ!



Hello Jeff:

I too am concerned about the legalistic theology of many Messianic believers (both Jewish and Gentiles) and their self-imposed isolation from the rest of Christianity. Recently I have decided to distance myself from this movement to avoid being associated with their errant beliefs. These days I prefer to call myself a “Judeo-Christian” rather than “Messianic”.

Although I still believe in learning all the good we possibly can  about Christianity’s Jewish roots and keeping the original holy days of the Bible (including the original Saturday sabbath), I don’t believe we can “earn” our salvation by the keeping of the Old Testament Laws. Salvation is by grace through faith, not of works, lest anyone should boast (Eph. 2:8-9).

The Sabbath and OT Holy Days have to be re-interpreted in light of what Jesus did in the New Testament to fulfill them – such as Passover, Unleavened Bread, Pentecost (First Fruits), and the Day of Atonement. Other Holy Days such as the Feast of Trumpets and Tabernacles are yet to be fulfilled at the Rapture and Second Coming of Messiah.

A good book I have read, which you may want to read is, “Messianic Judaism Is Not Christianity” by Stan Telchin. Stan is a believing Jew who also came out of the Messianic Movement and wrote some good biblical insights on the subject. He has also distanced himself from Messianic churches. As a result, He has received a lot of criticism for doing so, but I believe he was led of the Holy Spirit.

You are free to reprint this message if you like. You can also read a short devotional I wrote on this subject by going to:


Blessings to you and your wife Donna!

Pastor Luis Yosefus

Real Jesus Ministries

Author: Luis Josephus

Luis Josephus is founder and director of 4JESUS OUTREACH, a non-sectarian (i.e. non-denominational) outreach dedicated to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. He is also an ordained Christian minister, pastor, and author of several books. For more inspirational messages and biblical resources, visit our website at: www.4JesusOutreach.com

2 thoughts on “The Messianic Judaism Controversy

  1. Brother Luis, I’m preparing to publish a blog I wrote concerning my thoughts on this subject,just came back to grab the URL to link my article back to this…Oh, and thanks again for the Stan Telchin lead! In Christ alone is our salvation!

  2. Pastor Luis: Thank you for this article on controversy, lately I have been ridiculed and bashed because of my stance on words, and not using HIS most holy name. Gut-feeling is to not join them. Not only I but also the KJV Bible- these christians that want to be someone they are not, there is scripture that condemns Gentiles for wanting to be Jews when they in fact are not. (can’t seem to remember the address-maybe you can help me with that one) The KJV is oh-so wrong for them to place before their eyes (WebinarStudy-teacher Josephus…), and if they do revert to it, it is only for criticism. I wrote an acquaintance stating that how is this Book not good? When it brought you this far, and it brought you out of your egypt only to complain about it? it figures, It has brought you closer, 1.) to observe days, but now you go “over-board”, Saved by Grace only to drown in the ocean? E.G. on their controversies: 1.) “the cross is wrong-it was a stake a pole Yashua was crucified on, we are worshipping graven images???” They miss the point or throw the baby out W/the bath water. I said I do not vernerate/commemorate/idolize the Cross but who what where when and why of the “stake”/cross.
    2.) Transliterations : Jesus she stated (my Jesus/Iesous) is only 500 years old (in other words Yeshua & Jesus can’t possibly be the same person?, let see 500 years ago is about right/minus 2011 brings us to about the time…when alpabets were coming into existence to use in place of I,Y,=J) I said, it not so much the name, but the Person who is directly linked to the Deity/Godhead now. I don’t know but this “person’s name” (John 3:16) has brought me to the saving knowledge of my Messiah at the age of 7, has it not, explain that one? Explain how the Holy Spirit/Ruach is working through no one w/o giving scripture and bringing a Muslim Man to salvation to Yeshua, leading him to leave a praying camp for muslims.
    I said to her: Do you see any Jews/Greeks/Hebrews in the Webinar stating how wrong we Gentiles are for using the KJV? No, we do not, how foolish to kill the letter (the word of G-d), where are they so they can tell you a thing or 2.
    I said, I am thankful ever! for Pastors who give us hebrew, greek or aramaic words for those in the KJV. I write them in.
    Jesus/ Yehsua
    judgement/bema seat

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