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Pleading with God

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“…she said, ‘Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.’ Then Jesus said to her, ‘Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.’ And her daughter was healed at that moment.” – Matthew 15:27-28

In the story about the Canaanite Women’s faith, Jesus taught us the importance of pleading with God for answers to prayer.

The woman was following Jesus and His disciples to seek healing for her demon possessed daughter. Apparently, her persistent cries must have gotten on the disciples nerves. They urged Jesus to “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us” (vs.23).

Finally, Jesus reacted and told the woman that He was only sent to the Jewish people, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Since she was a Gentile Canaanite, it was not right to take the children’s bread (spiritual food) and give it to the dogs (non-Jewish people). Jesus’ words were not intended to be harsh or racist, He was simply testing the genuineness of her faith. Jesus loves people of every race and nationality, and He died to save all who will put their faith in Him as Savior and Lord.

The Canaanite Woman would not accept “No” for an answer.

Most people would have given up at this point, but she responded, Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the masters table.” When Jesus heard this He was pleased at her response and persistence. He felt compassion for her and declared to everyone present that this woman’s faith was strong and worthy of His attention. As a result, her daughter was healed from that very moment.

God is not legalistic, rigid or unbending.

He is merciful and open to reason and always doing what is good and right and true. Abraham was able to reason with God about the number of people to save in Sodom and Gomorrah (see Genesis 18). In the story of the Canaanite Woman’s prayerful pleadings, Jesus bent His own rules in order to show her compassion and honor her faith. She received her miracle because she refused to give up pleading with God.

Are you believing the LORD for a special answer to prayer? Maybe it seems like God is not listening. Don’t give up. Keep praying. Keep believing. Be persistent until you see the answer. Keep pleading with God until the answer comes. Show Him by your great faith that, you too, are a child of Abraham and worthy of God’s favor and compassion.


Dear Jesus, I thank you for hearing my prayers and being my loving and compassionate Savior. I know that in Your own way and perfect timing you will answer my prayer. I’ll keep pleading with You and trusting You for the answer, no matter how long it takes. Amen.

–         Pastor Luis Yosefus


Author: Luis Josephus

Luis Josephus is founder and director of 4JESUS OUTREACH, a non-sectarian (i.e. non-denominational) outreach dedicated to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. He is also an ordained Christian minister, pastor, and author of several books. For more inspirational messages and biblical resources, visit our website at: www.4JesusOutreach.com

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