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Are You Gathering or Scattering?

If you’re not gathering for Jesus you’re scattering for the Devil; there is no middle ground.

“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” – Matthew 12:30 (NIV)

The New Living Translation expresses this concept in the following manner:

“Anyone who isn’t with Me opposes Me, and anyone who isn’t working with Me is actually working against Me.” – Matthew 12:30 (NLT)

Wheat ripe for Harvesting

Wheat ripe for Harvesting

Many people say they believe in Jesus, or may even participate in a congregation, but that is no guarantee they are following Jesus. External religion can sometimes masquerade a person’s true allegiance. Jesus said that if anyone did not act with Him, they were against Him. If they did not “aid Him” by gathering with Him, they scattered, or opposed Him. This is taken from the practice of harvesting wheat.

Some religious people are even serving the Devil, instead of Jesus. Look at the example of the religious Pharisees who claimed to be followers of God but were actually furthering Satan’s agenda. They were full of jealousy and hatred of Jesus and tried to discredit and undermine His ministry in every way they could. Eventually their murderous hearts demanded that Pontius Pilate execute the Son of God. Jesus saw right through their religious façade and called them “white-washed tombs”, “blind leaders of the blind”, and sons of their father the devil.

If you’re not genuinely serving Jesus by obeying His will for your life then you are serving the Devil himself. There is no middle ground; you’re either following one or the other. There is no possibility of loving and serving God and Satan at the same time.

Examine yourself today and honestly evaluate your life: Do you really love Jesus and helping to “gather” by furthering His Kingdom in some way? Is your testimony and service for God producing spiritual fruit? Or, are you helping Satan to repel and scatter souls away from God by your poor testimony and ineffective labor?

God wants to use your life to it’s maximum potential.

You are called to salvation but also to become God’s chosen vessel to help harvest souls for eternity. Jesus said the wheat is ready for harvesting right now, but the laborers are always few. Pray and make yourself available to God in whatever capacity He needs to use you. There is much work to be done for Jesus and His Kingdom.

Whether your gift is preaching, teaching, service, giving, counseling, praying, or simply telling others about Jesus, make sure you’re using your gifts and talents actively and effectively – in a way that helps to gather and not scatter.

–         Luis Yosefus


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