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Become a Facebook Missionary

Facebook Page SnapshotThrough Social Media, you can help us spread the word about Jesus the Messiah and his free gift of salvation. Help us witness to people all over the world through Facebook by:

1. Clicking on the Facebook button on this page. It will take you to our Real Jesus Ministries Facebook page. Once there, click on “LIKE” Real Jesus Ministries button.

2. At least weekly, we post timely Bible verses, teachings, insights, and encouragement from the Word of God. Whenever you receive any of our posts, click “SHARE” from your Facebook page and share our postings with all your family and friends on Facebook.

By doing so, you will become our co-laborer in reaching the lost and encouraging the lives of others with the message of Jesus Christ (Messiah).

May God richly bless you for becoming one of our Facebook missionaries!

– Luis Josephus