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Is the Gospel in Christmas?

Jesus is God's Greatest Gift

Jesus is God’s Greatest Gift

Is the Gospel in Christmas? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

If you’re looking to the traditional Christmas holiday on December 25th to help you commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and his ministry to bring salvation to the world, I guess it is.

However, if you’re looking for historical accuracy, it is not, since I’m afraid Jesus was not really born on December 25th (but probably in October). Numerous scholarly articles have been written on this subject to prove this. so I won’t go into that here (see attached links below for further study).

Therefore, if “Jesus is the reason for the season”, it does open up all kinds of interesting opportunities during Christmas to witness to people about the gift of salvation that Christ offers.

In doing so, here are a number of questions to ask the unsaved:

Do you believe Jesus was born of the virgin Mary and was the sinless Son of God?

• Do you believe He died on the cross for the remission of our sins?

• Have you ever asked Jesus Christ to become Savior and Lord of your life?

• If not, would you like to pray with me to receive His free gift of salvation?

I believe that if we do not lose sight of the historical problems and avoid the pagan practices of the Christmas holiday, we can certainly celebrate the “spirit of Christmas” by utilizing this season of the year to further the gospel message and lead people to Jesus Christ.

From that perspective, and choosing my words carefully, I want to wish you and your family happy holidays and a prosperous new year in 2017.

Yours in Christ Jesus, the Savior of the world, and Lord of the universe,

Luis Josephus




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