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Let Us Thank the Lord Together

 Dear Lord Jesus,

We join our hearts together now in praise and thanksgiving to You our Savior and Lord of our lives.

We think back on this year, and despite of what we have faced in the way of adversity and challenge, all those difficulties pale in comparison to what You have done for us.

We have so much for which we can thank You. You have kept watch over us, blessed us, sustained us, provided for us, protected us, encouraged us, cared for us and our loved ones, given us hope, answered our prayers, and faithfully guided us.

We now humbly give thanks to You because You are good; Your lovingkindness is everlasting; and your faithfulness is to all generations.

Thank You, Lord, for all You have done. Thank You for all You intend to do in our lives in the new year ahead. Thank you for the good future you have prepared for us. We believe that are best days are ahead of us – not behind us. We give you all the praise and thanks that You alone deserve. Amen.