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Struggling Faith

Grace For Today“When however they persisted with their accusations, He [Jesus] raised His head and said to them, “Let the sinless man among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7

Many people are quick to criticize and judge others who fall into sin or fail to live up to their standards of perfection.  But the truth of the matter is, none of us are perfect – no matter how much we say we love God or try to keep His commandments.

The Bible tells us that we are “saved by grace through  faith” in the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf. We must remember that, even after we are saved and spiritually born again, we are still far from being perfect. We are all a “work-in-progress” for the rest of our lives. We will still commit mistakes and sin everyday, make wrong moral choices, and fail to live up to the righteous expectations of our holy God. We even have days that our faith is weak and wonder if we are really saved at all.

But does that make us phonies? Or does anyone else have the right to judge us or question our salvation? Not at all! Even Abraham, who is considered the “father of our faith” struggled with his faith and made wrong moral choices.

In Genesis 12:10-20, we are disappointed to learn that Abram, a great man of faith, was also a man of moral weakness. At 65 years of age, Abram took his family to Egypt. Because he feared for his life, he sold his beautiful wife Sarai into adultery with the Pharaoh of Egypt. He lied about Sarai being his sister and permitted her to become the sexual plaything of the King. Fortunately God intervened before Sarai was defiled and struck Pharaoh and all his other wives and family with disease.

When Abram’s deception was exposed, Pharaoh was mad. He declared, “Why didn’t you tell me she was your wife? Why did you lie to me and say, ‘She is my sister.’?” Ashamed and humiliated, Abram, Sarai and their entire clan were expelled from Egypt.

Abram’s character weakness and failure to trust God to protect him and deliver him out of any danger shows that, this great man of faith, still had “issues”. His faith still faltered at times, and his personal works did not line up with the religion he professed.

Does that sound familiar?

I think many of us can relate to that story. I know I can. I think many of us will admit we have done things that we regret and that has brought shame to the name of Christ. When we sin and make mistakes, don’t give up; God is very forgiving, merciful and patient with us. Confess your sins to Him and promise to do better. When you fall, pick yourself up and get back in the race. Keep pressing on towards the finish line and you will ultimately win the prize.


Memorize the verse: “If we confess our sins,[to God] He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). Remember that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. The good work He has started in us will be completed one day. Don’t ever give up on God – no matter what. He will never leave us or abandon us.


Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for your great mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Please forgive me of my sins today. I confess that I am weak and make mistakes. Strengthen me more and more each day and help me to live up to your holy standards. Thank you for Jesus who paid the penalty for my sins on the cross. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

– Pastor Luis Yosefus


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Living Together & Sexual Sin

Living Together & Sexual Sin

After reading this message, many will likely find the biblical model for marriage (between a man and a woman) is quite different to what they previously thought. Although modern society tells us it’s alright for a couple to “try out” their partner before getting married by “living together” for a time, or to sleep around with many different people before settling down, or to divorce and end a marriage quickly if it’s not working out, the truth according to God’s Word is quite different.

As matter of fact, the above modern examples are sinful in the eyes of God. These popular practices today are labeled in the Bible as fornication and adultery – sexual sins that should be avoided at all costs.

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” – Hebrews 13:4

Have you already committed such sins? You must repent before God and ask for His forgiveness. Furthermore, if you are presently living with a sexual partner that you are not married to, you will need to separate yourself from them temporarily until you are both willing to consummate your marriage in a holy manner before God.

I know of one young man, in particular, who was living with a girl. They had a year-old baby together when he got saved. He began attending church, got water baptized, and began to study the Bible. But it seemed that every time he picked up his Bible, the word “fornication” would jump out at him from its pages. He finally decided to consult a dictionary to find out what the word meant. He was shocked to find out that it was defined as follows:

“Sexual intercourse between partners who are not married to each other.”

This young man immediately realized that God was speaking to him. He was convicting him that he was committing a sinful act with his girlfriend by “living together” and having sexual relations together without properly being married. He asked God’s forgiveness and promised to make things right. They confessed their dilemma with their church pastor and he agreed to marry them as soon as possible.

If you are not sure whether you want to marry your current partner and make a permanent marriage commitment to them, then you really have no business sleeping with that person. If that is the case, then make things right before God and have the courage to break-off this sinful relationship. Then, wait for God to bring you the right person that you can be happy with for the rest of your life.

–         Pastor Luis Yosefus


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