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The Amazing Story Behind “Amazing Grace”

Many people are not aware of the historical background behind the popular hymn written by ex-Slavetrader, John Newton. Here is a brief overview in video form, music by Chris Tomlin.


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Amazing Grace DVD

Amazing_Grace_DVDI have watched this movie several times and I never get tired of it’s wonderful message of God’s power through human instrumentality. The inspiring story of how one man’s passion and perseverance changed the slave business in England in a nearly twenty year life-and-death struggle. Based on the true story of William Wilberforce, a heroic British politician and Christian, and his political tug of war with the awful, dirty business of the African Slave Trade. With the help of other abolitionists and political sympathizers, Wilberforce takes on the English Parliament and wins legislation to finally end the Slave Trade in 1807. This movie is significant because as result of English slave trade reforms, other European nations follow suit in subsequent years and eventually abolish the trade worldwide. A sweeping epic movie that rings historically true and resounds with the grace and sovereignty of God in righting human wrongs.

– Luis Josephus

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