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George Müller – Man of Faith


George Müller

In the video below, actor and preacher, Doug Whitley*, portrays George Müller (1805 -1898).

Before he received Jesus Christ who transformed his life, George Müller was a drunkard, a cheat and a most sinful man. God took him from the beer halls to the honored halls of men of great faith. Without a penny, he was able to build one of the largest and most successful childrens orphanages in Bristol, England.

During his life, he and his wife Susannah cared for over 10,024 orphans simply dependent upon God with childlike faith. – Luis Josephus




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* Doug Whitley travels the world in his ministry of portraying biblical and historical figures. For more information and bookings, visit his website at:  www.PreachersOfThePast.com