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Doctor Ben Carson disbelieves Bible Accuracy

Creación_de_Adán_(Miguel_Ángel)Although Christians and Jews alike will agree that Almighty God created the heavens and the earth and all things therein, some segments of Christianity are now moving away from the fundamentalist’s view of a 6,000 year-old earth according to the Bible’s historical account.

The traditional Young Earth Creationism view is being re-thought by some Christians in light of modern scientific evidence that the earth is actually 4.5 billion years old. One proponent of the Scientific View verses the Young Earth theorists is presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. In a recent interview, Dr. Carson, admitted that he does not believe in the accuracy of the creation narrative, with regard to the actual age of the earth. He stated in his interview:

Dr_Ben_Carson“I know a lot of people say that I believe the earth is 6,000 years old, and they have no basis for saying that. I don’t know how old the Earth is,” he stated. “[Genesis] says, ‘In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth,’ and then there’s a period there. You don’t know how much time elapsed.”

What do you think?

1. Do you believe the earth is only 6,000 years old – as traditionally taught in most fundamentalist churches?

( )  Yes   ( )  No

2. In light of modern scientific evidence that the earth is billions of years old, should the Genesis creation account be interpreted literally or metaphorically?

( )   Literally   ( ) Metaphorically

3. Do you believe in a literal, 24-hour, six-day creation period by God, according to the Book of Genesis?

( )  Yes   ( )  No

4. If not, is the Genesis creation account to be interpreted metaphorically, that is, that God’s creation of the earth and universe could have actually spanned a period of billions of years?

We sincerely want to know what you believe. Please leave your comments below….

– Luis Josephus




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