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Celebrating Passover Verses Easter

Jesus the Holy Lamb of God that was sacrificed for us on Passover

Jesus the Holy Lamb of God that was sacrificed for us on Passover

Some of you have asked “Why don’t we celebrate Easter*, attend sunrise services, honor the bunny rabbit or decorate colorful Easter eggs?” The answer is simple: These practices are not to be found in the Bible! Therefore, as faithful Christians we must be careful not to observe traditions that are not Scriptural nor holidays that have pagan origins (such as Easter, Valentine /Cupid Day, Halloween, or Christmas).

However, we do observe the biblical holiday of Passover.

This year on Saturday April 7th, Real Jesus Ministries will be celebrating our annual Passover Feast. If you would like to attend, contact us to make reservations. Our Passover Feast will begin with prayer, a special Passover meal (Seder)  and a solemn communion service at sundown the evening before, followed by a unique worship event the following day.

The LORD gave the Passover Feast to us, His people, (both Jews and Gentiles) to remind us of the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ [the Messiah] made on our behalf as the Holy Lamb of God who was sacrificed for us and took away our sins. The LORD specified that it was to be a perpetual feast to be observed for all generations (Exodus 12:14).


* The name “Easter” is never mentioned in the original New Testament Scriptures. It was mistranslated in the King James (English) Bible in Acts 12:4, but it should have been translated “Pesach”, the Biblical Passover Feast instituted by God. It was during the annual Passover celebration that Jesus was killed at Jerusalem in which Acts 12:4 describes – not the pagan holiday normally associated with the term “Easter”.

– Pastor Luis Yosefus

Email us for more information on attending our Passover Feast: RealJesusMinistries@gmail.com

For further study, order our booklet, The Seven Biblical Feasts.

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