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Boring Churches

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

QUESTION: Why are some churches so boring?

ANSWER: One of the reasons churches become boring is that they grieve the Holy Spirit and lose their anointing. Without the presence of God, attending church becomes a bland experience. Ritualism replaces spirituality, and the church becomes quite different from what God intended.

boring churchesAnother reason is that many pastors today are egocentric and want to be the center of everyone’s attention. They monopolize the spiritual gifts and do not allow the various members of the Body of Christ to contribute with their giftings. They are like prideful Diotrephes, who “lovetheth to have preeminence” (2 John 9). They turn their church services into grandiose shows (starring themselves), and members become spectators, rather than participators.

The early Christians met as a church much differently.

As the various parts of the human body have different functions and purposes, the Body of believers are to exercise their varying gifts, all working harmoniously together. We get a glimpse of what church was like in those days by studying the early writings. The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14:26,

“When you come together, every one of you has a psalm (song), has a doctrine (teaching), has a [supernatural] tongue, revelation or interpretation. Let all thing be done unto edifying.”

Sounds to me like they had some very powerful and lively church services back then! When Christians came together everyone had something to contribute as the Holy Spirit moved upon each individual. Everything was done in an edifying and orderly manner too. The pastors and elders of the church gave everyone the time and freedom to use their spiritual gifts. The result was a vibrant church full of spiritual life and maturity; the work of the Holy Spirit unchained.

It is important for every Spirit-filled believer to realize he is responsible to use his gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit, for all of us must stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account. If you are attending a church that’s preventing you from using your gifts, then it’s best that you leave and find one that will give you the opportunities you need.

–         Luis Josephus



Comment from Joy Payne Harris, Senior Pastor, Rising Son Ministries: “Pastors should be encouraging people in their congregation that have gifts or a calling that the Lord has given them. They should help them to grow in their spiritual giftings and not try to snuff it out. Many in the congregation have a call of ministry from the Lord. So Pastors, help them to understand the calling or giftings in ministry, help them to grow and be encouraging all along the way. You’ll be surprised at how your church will grow in more ways than one. Pastors can’t do it all and shouldn’t do it all, God is the head of the church, you are the leader, so start leading.”

Comment from Linda Lipscomb: “Amen to both of you. Unfortunately I know some of those pastors personally. It is such a shame they don’t see what they are doing to their people as well as causing confusion in God’s house.”