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Letters – June 2011

Letters – June 2011

Dear Pastor Luis: My name is Minister Natalie Reed of Ypsilanti, Michigan and I love the study I just recently began to do on “horns” in the Bible. I just wanted to say your site and picture helped greatly and I am also a believer of the rapture – patiently and productively waiting the return of our Lord Jesus! God bless you all from Life Changing Word Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

COMMENT FROM LUIS JOSEPHUS: “Thanks sister Natalie! I’m glad the Holy Spirit directed you to our site where you got the right information you needed. To God be the glory, amen.”


Dear Pastor Luis: I happened to stumble upon your site looking for information about the “real Jesus” because I am always searching to understand who He was and not what we make Him out to be.

I was also, at the same time, putting together a sharing for our church on “how to make a difference”, since that is something I struggle with: “how can little ol’ me make any difference” and it can be quite depressing thinking you’re not even making any difference to anyone no how. Which brings me to  emailing your ministry. See, when I thought I was done with all the stuff for sharing, and I went searching to see what was out there for the “real Jesus”, and then I clicked on your site and found this message:

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

Isn’t that simply amazing? God is always a much better writer then I am, and He is so funny – how He comes up with showing me what should be in the beginning, the middle, and the end. And this is perfect for closing remark: “how powerful / simple / and perfect – just like Jesus is!”

On  another note,  I clicked to see about your ministry and then clicked to see what day you worship and saw that it says on Saturday! I worship on Saturday too…how funny is that?

Coincidentally, that this all came about? Who knows? I have been told nothing is by coincidence.

Keep the faith … You’re reaching far and wide.
From the north country,


COMMENT FROM LUIS JOSEPHUS: “Thanks Mary. God is indeed under control; there are no coincidences with Him. Our local church worships on Saturday because we believe and teach that this is the true Sabbath day – not Sunday. God rested on Saturday (the 7th day of the week) and sanctified it forever. Jesus and His disciples went to church on Saturday and kept the Sabbath day holy, why don’t we?”