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Are you phubbing Jesus?

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Phubbing (or phone snubbing) is a modern-day problem affecting many people today. Perhaps you may be guilty of phubbing others, and never realized it.

When your friend or loved one is constantly distracted by looking at their cell phone, talking on the phone, texting, or reading their social media feed while you are trying to keep a conversation going, this can be very frustrating! Here are some common complaints:

  • My friend or partner continually glances at his/her cell phone while talking to me
     phubbing 2
  • If there is a lull in our conversation, my friend or partner will rudely check his/her cell phone for text messages
  • I feel that I am being ignored when my friend or partner gives more importance to his/her cell phone than to paying attention to me.

The new cell phone technology has provided many benefits for users, but it has also created social problems too. New studies on human behavior show that it is having detrimental effects on our relationships, and is monopolizing our attention spans. Respondents to a recent survey said that being “phubbed” by their friends or partners inevitably causes conflicts, lowers the level of our relational satisfaction, and leads to higher levels of depression from being neglected.

When Jesus gets phubbed.

I can imagine how Jesus feels when we ignore Him. Whether we are too busy or distracted to pray, study His word, or spend quality time with Him, our relationship with Jesus suffers too. We start losing our peace and joy, and experience decreasing satisfaction with our Christian faith. When this occurs in our lives, we’ve got to take drastic steps to remedy the problem. Since Jesus requires being the number one priority in our lives, we may have to ditch whatever has come between Jesus and us. Our Master and King must reign in first place in our hearts and lives – or He is not truly Lord at all.

Think about it: Have you been “phubbing” Jesus by neglecting His fellowship, personal prayer time, missing church services, or allowing other priorities in your life to come between your relationship with Him? If so, it’s time you stopped ignoring Jesus and make things right.

– Luis Josephus