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Labor Day Message 2013

Please pray for our Real Jesus Ministries Family Fest Outreach 2013

Please pray for our Real Jesus Ministries Family Fest Outreach 2013

Today, Monday, September 2, 2013, we are celebrating Labor Day here in the USA.

Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894 under President Grover Cleveland as a symbolic day to recognize the strength and cooperation of trade and labor unions. It is a day to honor all workers, union or not. Labor Day parades abound and most families take the day to enjoy recreational fun with their families, go to the beach, or have a cook-out at home.

Our own ministry is having a community evangelistic outreach today. We have rented a pavilion at a local park where we will be offering free hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages to our community, as well as free Bibles and gospel tracts. Numerous pastors and evangelistic preachers have been invited to speak, and praise and worship singers are performing. Please pray for us today – that souls will be saved and lives impacted with the good news of Jesus Christ.

What Jesus had to say about labor.

Jesus once spoke about ceasing from our labors and finding rest in Him:

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

When we come to Him in faith for salvation and forgiveness, He promises to take the heavy load of sin from off our shoulders and give us a yoke that is easy to bear. The freedom and pardon Jesus provides brings happiness, joy and peace within. His promise of rest is not just for one day a year, but for everyday of our earthly lives and throughout eternity.

If you’ve never invited Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, I hope you will do so today by repenting of your sins and personally asking Him into your heart and life.


Dear Lord Jesus, I want to receive your forgiveness and rest today, for You promised that your yoke and burden is easy, and I will find rest for my soul. I repent of my sins and accept You as my Savior and Lord of my life, from this day forth and forevermore. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer today with a sincere heart, you are now saved and spiritually born-again. I’m sure there is a party and a parade in the Kingdom of Heaven on your behalf. As the Bible says: “I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Happy Labor Day to all! May you enjoy a blessed time of love and fellowship today with your family and friends.

– Luis Josephus



The Father tenderly loves you

God's love

“At that day you will ask in My Name, and I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf (for it will be unnecessary). For the Father Himself (tenderly) loves you because you have loved Me and have believed that I came from the Father.” – John 16:26,27 (Amp)

We know that Jesus often referred to God as His “Father,” but God is also the Father of all His creation, that includes you and I as well. We are the children of the Most High God, creator and sustainer of the entire universe.

At the beginning of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26), therefore, we are His offspring, made in the image of God – spirit, soul and body. That’s why God loves us so much, because we are created in His likeness.

If you have ever had any children of your own, people will often say, “Why, he looks just like his father,” or “She looks just like her mother.” This generally produces a good sense of pride within us to be reminded that are children our uniquely ours, a product of our own bodies and genetic DNA.I believe God, our heavenly Father, looks at us within the same sense of pride and accomplishment. He views us with the same eyes of love that we also view our children with.

God loves that we love Jesus.

”…For the Father Himself (tenderly) loves you because you have loved Me and have believed that I came from the Father.”

Jesus said that God tenderly loves us because we love Jesus and believe that Jesus came from God the Father.

Do you love Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus came from God the Father? Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins? Have you invited Jesus Christ [Messiah] to be the Savior and Lord of your life?

If so, the Bible gives us this wonderful promise in John 3:16-17:

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only [unique] Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.”

Do you fully understand what that is saying? God loves us so much that He sent His unique Son, Jesus Christ, not to condemn us, but to save us. That’s the greatest news isn’t it? We don’t need to be afraid of Jesus; He is not our enemy, but our friend! He wasn’t sent into this world by God the Father to hurt us, but to help us, so that we would not be punished for our sins and be lost forever. Jesus wants to demonstrate His love for us by giving us the gift of salvation and eternal life.

Forgetting those things in the past.

“…but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…” Philippians 3:13

Do you want to experience God’s love today? Do you want to forget all the bad things you’ve done in the past and begin a new life today? Do you want to be forgiven of your sins and receive the promise of eternal life?

If so, pray this prayer with me right now:

”Dear Jesus, I believe you are the unique Son of God who died in my place on the cross. Please forgive me of my sins. I invite you to become the Savior and Lord of my life. Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer today and received God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, write us and let us know so that we can rejoice with you and welcome you into the redeemed family of God. If you don’t have a Bible and need one, we’ll also be happy to send you one free of charge for you to study.

We love you in Christ, as God the Father loves you. Amen.

– Pastor Luis Yosefus


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Oh How I Love Jesus

There is a name I love to hear
I love to sing its worth
It sounds like music in my ear
The sweetest name on earth

O how I love Jesus
O how I love Jesus
O how I love Jesus
Because He first loved me

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The Only Way to God

Only_way_to_God“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to [God] the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

Jesus clearly taught that without the new birth there is no salvation. You’re religion can’t save you. Your church can’t save you. Your belief system can’t save you. Unless a person is born again, Jesus said, no one can enter the kingdom of God.

“Jesus answered and said to him [Nicodemus], ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. “ – John 3:3.

Nicodemus was a devout religious man. He was a ruling member of the Jewish Sanhedrin and teacher in his church. He kept most of the Bible commandments and practiced a holy life. Yet when he came to Jesus, He was told by our Lord that He was lost! In his present spiritual condition he would never enter God’s kingdom (John 3:1-3). Why was Jesus so hard on him? Because Jesus discerned that he was not “born again”. He was a good man and deeply religious, but he had never experienced the new birth.

“Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.” – John 3:5

What does it mean to be born again?

Without the new birth there is no spiritual life. You may be physically alive, but you are still spiritually dead in your trespasses and sins.

“And you has He [Jesus] quickened [made spiritually alive], who were dead in trespasses and sins…” – Ephesians 2:1.

“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He [God} that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells in you.” – Romans 8:11

Through the new birth, God gives spiritual life to our physical, mortal bodies by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Nicodemus misunderstood Jesus; he thought that Jesus was asking him to enter his mother’s womb and be born all over again. Jesus corrected him and essentially said, “That’s not what I’m talking about, Nicodemus. I’m talking about a spiritual rebirth. That which is born of the flesh is of the flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Being born again is not experiencing a second biological birth – but a spiritual birth from above, which you don’t have. You may be a very religious Jew, but you’re never going to enter God’s kingdom until you are spiritually born again.”

How often I have met people in the Christian church with the same kind of spiritual issues as Nicodemus. They say they believe in Jesus, go to church, read the Bible, keep the commandments, but yet they are just as lost as Nicodemus was. Why? Because they are following a religion instead of following the Savior.

The only way to be sure that you are saved from your sins, have eternal life with God and truly born again, is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and commit your life to Him as Savior and Lord. He is the only way to God and the only One that that can give you new spiritual life.

If you want to be sure you are truly born again from above, sincerely pray this prayer out loud to God the Father:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah as Your only begotten Son that you sent to die on the cross for my sins. I put my trust in Him only as the only way to God and Savior of my life. I repent of my sins and ask You to forgive me. Cleanse me clean of all the wrong things I have ever done with the precious blood of Jesus. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and help me to live in newness of life from this day forth, amen.”

If you just prayed this prayer and accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, you are now born again. Write us and let us know of your decision to follow Jesus and let us rejoice with you.

–         Pastor Luis Yosefus



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Salvation Tract – Free Download

Does God love me?

Does He even know I exist?

By Luis Yosefus, Real Jesus Ministries, www.RealJesus.net

The Answer to both questions is: “Absolutely yes!” God loves you so much that He has been trying to get your attention for the longest time so that He can prove His love to you in a personal way. He has been waiting for you to come to Him in faith. As you draw near to God, He will draw near to you, and give you the abundant life of blessing He desires for you to have.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past or what kind of life you have lived. He loves you no matter what, and He is willing to receive you into His family. Through the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross for you, you can freely receive God’s forgiveness, peace, joy, hope, and restoration.

Won’t you receive God’s grace and forgiveness today? Pray the prayer below out loud and mean it with all your heart:

Dear heavenly Father, I do believe that you love me and desire the best for my life. By faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, I receive your forgiveness and restoration today. I submit my life to You. Help me to become the person you created me. I want to know you better and better each day. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

If you just prayed that prayer of faith, repentance, and restoration to God, contact us and let us know. We want to rejoice with you. We will also send you, free of charge, some helpful literature to encourage you in your new Christian faith.

In the meantime, begin studying the Bible each day. In doing so you will learn more about God through His written Word. Spend time in prayer communicating with God, and start attending a good Bible-teaching church in your neighborhood.

Please feel free to contact us at:

Real Jesus Ministries
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