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The Cure for Spiritual Cancer

The_Cure_Is_JesusSomeone asked me why I was so eager to tell everyone about Jesus The Messiah and the Good News of the gospel. My answer was that if you had discovered a cure for cancer, let’s say, and you knew of many people with cancer, wouldn’t you want to tell them how they could be healed? Of course you would! Well, since we know there are many people with “spiritual cancer” in the world today, why not tell them about Jesus Christ? He alone offers the only cure for mankind’s spiritual sickness and sin nature. If you really love the people around you and are truly concerned about them, tell them about Jesus.

I hope and pray that in your heart there will always be a burning desire to share the Good News gospel and that we will always have a natural rejoicing when we are used of God to lead someone to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for partnering with our ministry and helping us gather souls into the Kingdom of God.

–         Pastor Luis Yosefus


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