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Letters – August 2011

One of our readers wrote us of a vision he received (below) regarding Israel. If anyone would like to comment on this, or has any other revelation from the Holy Spirit, please feel free to EMAIL US

– Luis Josephus

“I recently had a vision of an impression mold from an almond.  I don’t know exactly what it means yet.  However, I do know that Yahweh is showing me that on Rosh Hashana (Feast of Trumpets) 2012, something awesome will happen in Israel.  God has been impressing upon me that the natural things always proceed the spiritual thing.  Israel will find Oil (that will be a game changer) not only in the region, but the world. And shortly afterwards the Oil of the Holy will be poured upon the House of Israel.  I welcome any comment on the impression of the almond.” – Freeman Fobbs

COMMENT from Cynthia Spinner: “Question: I had read a website “by Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown”, http://www.oilinisrael.net/resources/oil-of-israel”

COMMENT from Luis Josephus: “I recommend that you watch the video below, “An Act of Faith – Searching for Oil in Israel.” Also continue to support the nation of Israel in your prayers.”

COMMENT from Umari: “The drilling of oil in Israel will open a big door for Israel in the world stage.”

COMMENT from M.V. Casarini: “You always bring up so interesting topics, Pastor!”