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Living as a king or queen.

“If you fulfill the royal law according to the scripture…you do well.” – James 2:8

The apostle James also calls the Royal Law of Love the “perfect law of liberty”, because the man or woman who is filled and controlled at all times by the Spirit of God will never sin, and is free to do as he or she wishes. The love of God will at all times be ruling his heart, mind and actions so that his thoughts, emotions, and decisions will always be in conformity with God’s will.

“But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of God’s will, this one will be blessed in all that he does “ – James 1:25 (JCV).

The person who lives according to the Royal Law of Liberty lives as a king or queen on this earth because he or she is subject to no other law than God’s law of love – love for God and love for his fellow man. Such a person needs no other law to control them, because in fulfilling the Royal Law of Love, they fulfill all other laws. In every circumstance, and in every relationship, they walk in love towards God and man, and reign in life as kings and queens.

Ahh”, you say, “But that is not always possible to do. I don’t always walk in love as I should.” This is true. None of us do. But the potential is there. And when we sin, we run again to the throne of grace for renewed cleansing and forgiveness. But our focus must always be upon living under the Law of Grace and New Testament Truth – not the Old Testament Mosaic Laws. The difference between the dispensation of Law under Moses and the dispensation of Grace through Jesus Christ lies not in the end to be achieved – which is justification and right standing before God, but in the method to achieve it.

The end to be achieved has always been justification by faith in Messiah’s atoning work for our sins as the Holy Lamb of God who was slain on our behalf. Under the Law of Moses, the means to produce faith was faulty because the means used was based on an external system of commandments and ordinances that no one could perfectly keep. Whereas, under the New Covenant dispensation of grace, the means used is the Laws of God supernaturally written in our hearts by the Holy Spirit dwelling within.

-Pastor  Luis Yosefus