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Testimony of Rose Price – Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rose Price went to be with the Lord in the spring of 2015. She was 87 years old. Rest in Peace, dear one. For more info, go to: Click on the “Testimonies” tab.

Rose Price spent five years in a Nazi concentration camp. She narrowly escaped death time after time at the hand of her German tormentors. Her entire family except for her sister and aunt, never came out of the death camps. She recalls, “I was hit on the head with a cross by a Roman Catholic priest simply because I was a Jew. He called me a ‘Christ killer”. For many years Rose learned to hate the “Jesus” of her persecutors and vowed never to have anything to do with Christianity. But when she met “the real Jesus” of the Bible – the one who truly loved her and died for her redemption, she willingly embraced Him as her Messiah.

– Luis Josephus


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Rose Price

Rose Price was born of Orthodox Jewish parents in Poland. As a small child she tasted deeply of the persecution that the Jewish people have endured down through the ages. Rose, along with the millions of Jews living in Europe personally entered into a dark time in human history known as the “Holocaust.” A time when a man named Hitler who, inspired by Satan, set his face to destroy the entire Jewish race.

During the horror of World War II, Rose spent five years in concentration camps, narrowly escaping death time after time from the hand of her tormentors. Her entire family except for her sister and aunt, never came out of the death camps. But out of the smoldering ruins of Europe, God brought forth smoldering remnants of human life, and one of these firebrands was Rose.

After immigrating to the United States, Rose met and married Charlie Price and settled in Philadelphia to raise a family of four children — two daughters and two sons. Rose was president of her neighborhood synagogue in spite of the fact that she did not believe in God. The horrors of the war had made her angry at God and she turned her unforgiving heart from Him completely. Yet she did want her children to know of their Jewish heritage and because of this became very involved in temple service.

One at a time, Rose’s daughter and husband met the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), causing great anguish and distress to Rose. The story of how she, too, encountered her Messiah and surrendered her life to Him, lets one know that God is compassionate and merciful; His love is, indeed, for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Don’t miss this vibrant testimony of how the Shepherd of Israel makes His claim on the life of one of those lost sheep, Rose Price — and how He lovingly brings her into fellowship with Him.

Rose has spoken at Churches, Synagogues, and both public and private schools in more than 30 of the United States of America. She was a featured speaker at “Berlin for Jesus” and in Nuremberg at the Anniversary of Hitler’s proclamation. She has been an honored guest in Canada, Poland, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.


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Sectarianism in the church


Divide & Conquer?

“Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God”. – Galatians 5:19-21

Did you know that God’s Word calls sectarianism a sin? (Galatians 5:20) Anytime we call ourselves Baptist, Lutheran, Messianic, Methodist, Pentecostal, and so on, we are committing the sin of sectarianism.

Sectarianism, is bigotry, discrimination or even hatred arising from attaching non-existent importance to perceived differences between subdivisions within a group, such as between different denominations of a religion or factions. The ideological underpinnings of such attitudes and behaviors labeled as sectarian are extraordinarily varied. Members of a religious group may believe that their own salvation, or the success of their particular objectives, requires aggressively seeking converts from other groups. Adherents of a given faction may believe that for the achievement of their own religious project their internal opponents must be purged.

Why does the Body of Christ, the Church, have to be so divided? Why can’t we call ourselves simply “Christians” or “Followers of Jesus Christ” and stop labeling ourselves according to denominational lines?

– Luis Josephus



From Pierre Andre Ferguson: “Amen brother, my religious views state that I am a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 13:34-35). This phrase is mentioned more times in the New covenant than the word Christian(s). On top of that, the “disciples” were called Christians… (The Acts 11:25-30 ) in Antioch by those who probably were not disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know how the world likes to label people and things according to their understanding. When you use the word Christian, people tend to ask you what denomination are you? And there is nothing wrong with saying that you are a Christian (1 Peter 4:16). Personally from my experience people marvel when you specify by saying that “I am a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Amen.

From Pierre Andre Ferguson: “Variance means the fact, quality, or state of being variable or variant: difference, deviation, the fact or state of being in disagreement, dissension, dispute, a disagreement between two parts of the same legal proceeding that must be consonant, a license to do some act contrary to the usual rule, the square of the standard deviation, discord – at variance, not in harmony or agreement (Ref. Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary).

From Alex Ander: “1 Corinthians 3 whole chapter, I want to emphasize verse,16-17 and verses 21-23.”

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Believe His Prophets

“…Hear me, O Judah, and you inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper.” – 2 Chronicles 20:20

When King Jehoshaphat faced the greatest crisis of his life – an enormous invading army from Moab and Ammon – he turned to God in an exemplary manner. He led his people to prayer and fasting, as we all should do under seemingly impossible circumstances.

God then spoke through the prophet Jahaziel. The man of God encouraged the people and said:

“You shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand you still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the LORD will be with you.” – 2 Chronicles 20:17

The next morning, the LORD God gave them a miraculous victory – just as the prophet had predicted.

The assembled men of Judah marched in accordance with the words of the prophet to the wilderness of Tekoa. As they marched forth, Jehoshaphat stood and called upon them to trust firmly in the Lord and His prophets. He ordered them to march, not for battle, but to assure themselves in faith, of the wonderful help of the LORD. He placed the singers of the Lord in front singing praise in holy array, marching forth before the army and thanking the Lord in advance for the help He would deliver.

Matthew Henry comments: “Jehoshaphat exhorted his troops to firm faith in God. Faith inspires a man with true courage; nor will anything help more to the establishing of the heart in shaking times, than a firm belief of the power, and mercy, and promise of God. In all our trust in the Lord, and our praises of him, let us especially look at his everlasting mercy to sinners through Jesus Christ. Never was an army so destroyed as that of the enemy. Thus God often makes wicked people destroy one another. And never was a victory celebrated with more solemn thanksgivings.”

When they began to sing and praise the LORD, their enemies were discomfited and began to fight among themselves. They were smitten by God without Judah having to lift a hand against them.

In times of crisis we should also fast and pray, believe upon His Word, and seek out God’s true prophets for understanding.

In addition to His written Word, Jesus has appointed prophets in the New Testament church to give us special revelation from God during troubling events, as well as day-to-day guidance for our spiritual lives. Contrary to what dispensational churches falsely teach, the Eternal God is still speaking today through His true prophets. They are men and women of God who He has raised to preach, teach, and prophesy under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Only when we listen and obey God’s prophets shall our Christian lives be firmly established, and everything we do shall prosper and succeed.

– Luis Josephus



Thank a Military Veteran

The chairman of the Wiltshire branch of the Normandy Veterns' Association, Bob Conway, Centre with Bert Williams (L) and Wally Beall (R)13 Feb 2009 See SWNS Story SWWAR D-Day heroes condemned the Government after it refused to pay for them to attend the forthcoming 65th anniversary of the landings. Thousands of World War II veterans had hoped to make the pilgrimage to Normandy in June this year and join together in remembrance of the dead. Every American and Canadian soldier who fought in the landings has their travel and hotel expenses paid for each year by their still-grateful nations. But it has emerged that the British Government has refused to grant any financial aid to the war heroes who fought for our freedom - until 2044. Many veterans - most now well into their 80s and 90s - fear the 65th anniversary could be their last chance to join together in remembrance. They are now being forced to collect charity donations on the streets in a desperate attempt to ensure that no soldier who wants to go misses out.

This month, we want to thank military veterans in America, and throughout the world, that have served in the armed forces to protect our civilian freedoms. Some have returned from military service safe and sound. Others have returned injured or disabled. Others have given their lives in war.

We want to take this moment to honor our military veterans and say,

“Thank you for your service.”

We also want to honor you with this simple form below that expresses our gratitude.

Don’t forget to observe Veterans Day on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015.



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Doctor Ben Carson disbelieves Bible Accuracy

Creación_de_Adán_(Miguel_Ángel)Although Christians and Jews alike will agree that Almighty God created the heavens and the earth and all things therein, some segments of Christianity are now moving away from the fundamentalist’s view of a 6,000 year-old earth according to the Bible’s historical account.

The traditional Young Earth Creationism view is being re-thought by some Christians in light of modern scientific evidence that the earth is actually 4.5 billion years old. One proponent of the Scientific View verses the Young Earth theorists is presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. In a recent interview, Dr. Carson, admitted that he does not believe in the accuracy of the creation narrative, with regard to the actual age of the earth. He stated in his interview:

Dr_Ben_Carson“I know a lot of people say that I believe the earth is 6,000 years old, and they have no basis for saying that. I don’t know how old the Earth is,” he stated. “[Genesis] says, ‘In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth,’ and then there’s a period there. You don’t know how much time elapsed.”

What do you think?

1. Do you believe the earth is only 6,000 years old – as traditionally taught in most fundamentalist churches?

( )  Yes   ( )  No

2. In light of modern scientific evidence that the earth is billions of years old, should the Genesis creation account be interpreted literally or metaphorically?

( )   Literally   ( ) Metaphorically

3. Do you believe in a literal, 24-hour, six-day creation period by God, according to the Book of Genesis?

( )  Yes   ( )  No

4. If not, is the Genesis creation account to be interpreted metaphorically, that is, that God’s creation of the earth and universe could have actually spanned a period of billions of years?

We sincerely want to know what you believe. Please leave your comments below….

– Luis Josephus




Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Rejects Young Earth Theology

God and Science: Actual Age of the Earth

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A Christian Alternative to Halloween

Bible Characters Costumes 1Avoiding the pagan celebration of Halloween can present a challenge to churches and parents who don’t want to deny their children the fun of dressing up in costumes and receiving candy.

One suggestion is to hold a Bible Characters Costume Party at your church. This gives children and parents a place to go on October 31st, teach biblical principles, and evangelize unsaved family and friends who attend. It also provides the benefits of a wholesome time of fellowship with other believers during this time of year.

Bible Characters Costumes 2Here are some suggestions on how to organize your church party:

1. Invite everyone, old and young, to come dressed as a Bible character such as Abraham, Sarah, Moses, King David, Elijah the prophet, and so on.

2. Prayer – Begin with a time of prayer and dedication of festivities to the honor and leading of the Lord.

3. Prepare a skit in advance that has an evangelistic message to be performed at the beginning of the party.

4. Evangelize by preaching a short 5-minute salvation message and invite unsaved guests to receive Jesus Christ.

5. Candy Piñata – Gather all the children, beginning with the youngest, to each take three turns at bursting the Piñata with a stick. Watch the excitement as the Piñata finally bursts and all the children dash to gather the candy scattered all over the floor.

6. Best Costume Contest – Hold a contest for the first, second, and third best costume of the evening. Award prizes.

7. Food and Refreshments – Conclude the party with a time of food, refreshments and Christian fellowship.

The above is a great way for Christians to have fun and honor God by not participating in the evil traditions of Halloween.

– Luis Josephus



PinataWhat is a Piñata?

A Piñata is a decorated container (such as a baloon) made of papier-mache which holds candy and small toys. It is broken by children as part of a celebration such as a birthday party or other event. In the above example, it can be used at a church party in place of the pagan Halloween Trick or Treating.

The Piñata can be easily constructed in various shapes and sizes, or it can be purchased in stores already made. Kids love it, and adults enjoy the fun and excitement as spectators. Here are some helpful links below:

How to Make a Simple Piñatañata

How to Make a Star-Shaped Piñata

Actual Piñata Party


Does God Hate Halloween?

Halloween“You must not worship the LORD your God the way the other nations worship their gods, for they perform for their gods [Satan] every detestable act that the LORD hates…” – Deuteronomy 12:31

Celebrating Halloween is not harmless fun as many ignorantly claim. Whether they realize it or not, Christians who participate in this evil holiday are guilty of witchcraft by commemorating a Satanic high holy day. If you have ignorantly celebrated Halloween in the past, you must repent before God of your sin, ask Him to forgive you, and never again allow yourself or your children to celebrate a holiday that has such an evil history and defiling influence.

To learn more about what God has to say about the dangers of Halloween, write for our free CD, “Does God Hate Halloween?” by Pastor Luis Josephus. Email us with your request at:



Comment from Pastor Luis:

Celebrating Halloween will spiritually defile you.

Whether you take Halloween seriously or not, by observing this holiday you are participating in witchcraft and consorting with evil spirits. Burn any leftover Halloween paraphenalia in your home. Don’t open your doors to trick or treaters. Halloween has never been a Christian holiday, and it has no place in the church or the life of a born again believer in Jesus Christ. In fact, take a stand firmly against it by exposing its evil practice.

“Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.” – Leviticus 19:31

Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11


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